“Your Cre8tivity” Blog: 2016 FEAR CON

This weekend, we saw the debut of the 1st FEAR CON! It took place at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Hall 4 at the north end of the building. It being the first show of it’s kind, I went in with an open mind and it was a mixed bag. Read my specific reviews below.

GOOD: As a graphic designer, I branding for the show was very much on point! Using the Day Of The Dead style as a jumping off point. Well done! They also had a great line-up of acts for the main stage for your enjoyment including our friends at Creature Encounters, incredible Aerialists and upcoming podcast guest Elias Caress (who can be seen every Monday at Hatch Family Chocolates).


BAD: After make rounds of the floor exploring the vendors and participated in a small handful of activities there isn’t much to do. My suggestion for the future is to have panels available discussing films, make-up, and other applicable subjects.

UGLY: I like to give first-time activities the benefit of the doubt… That being said the noise level was incredibly loud and very distracting. Mood music (which i understand is to create atmosphere) was blasted during presentations on the stage which made it difficult to hear at times. I also wanted to approach people about bein on the podcast but it would have worked because of the noise.



Fear Con is a unique, one of a kind event that celebrates all things Halloween, horror, and the fantastical. Our focus will be to provide live, interactive entertainment throughout the entire show. We want people to feel like there are things to do and see at every turn. Not only will Fear Con provide incredible activities, but we will require our vendors to dress up and add to the show. Expect a great interactive experience with exhibitors that will be dressed up and entertaining. Our goal is to make Fear Con your NEW HALLOWEEN TRADITION.

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