REVIEW: “Hindsight SLC”

Last week, Dylan and his wife Sarah attended one of the last few presentation of Hindsight, an interactive street play produced by past guests Sackerson & 3 Irons! The play started on a UTA bus near Temple Square and at the fountains at City Creek! The story weaved us throughout the city and it was […]

PODCAST 046: “Goat Yoga Utah”

After a handful of delays, the Your Cre8tivity boys made it to West Point to check out and speak with GOAT YOGA UTAH! We chatted with business owner Alisa Boulter and instructor Sara Alexander! We learn about things got started last year, finding the perfect instructors, and how wonderful goats are! Welcome to our GOAT […]

PODCAST 044: “Hall Of Breakfast”

Simply put, HALL OF BREAKFAST is an immersive pop-up experience, celebrating the most important meal of the day… and so much more! Your Cre8tivity’s Dylan Mazziotti sits down with project co-founder and graphic designer Courtney Mahon and artist Jesse Draper to talk about the process and execution and ultimate public response to this unique experience. Get […]

PODCAST 043: “Sackerson”

In this new episode, Your Cre8tivity sits down with the brain-trust of SACKERSON – Alex Ungerman, Dave Mortensen & Morag Shepherd (Bios below)! We go behind the scenes of their unique productions and how they all met! If you can go check out HINDSIGHT, their current productions which is performed in the streets of downtown […]

PODCAST 042: “Comedian Jason Harvey”

Text… Describe What You Do. How Did You Get To Where You Are Today? Who Inspires You? Why? Billy Burr: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube What Types Of Conditions Are Best For You To Be Creative?  What Is The “Free Kittens” Show? LINKS: Facebook Stupid Questions Podcast (Utah Podcast Network) LINKS: […]

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