PODCAST 066: “Designer & Illustrator Tad Carpenter”

TAD CARPENTER grew up in the halls of Hallmark Cards and was always surrounded by someone creative, so it was no surprise to anyone that he grew up to become a multifaceted creative powerhouse! The Kansas City-based Tad Carpenter is a designer, illustrator, author, teacher, and speaker.  After years of Facebook friendship, Dylan met him […]

PODCAST 035: “Comedy Writer Dave Vance”

Text. Dave Vance: Website | Facebook | IMDb | Instagram | Twitter Harmon Brothers: Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube Catch His NEW! Political Series SPELLCHEk on Facebook Watch! HERE Pooping Unicorns and the Power of Comedy Squatty Potty: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube VidAngel ad featuring Joy Haynes from 3 Irons […]

PODCAST 002: “Andrea Kile Peterson”

In this new episode of the Your Creativity podcast, we welcome ANDREA KILE PETERSON (the creator, writer, editor and female lead) from the new and incredibly funny You Again web series debuting in June! on YouTube. We go behind the scenes and dig into her past, present and future. http://earwholemedia.com/wp-content/audio/your-cre8tivity/creativity_Ep02.mp3 1. Describe What You Do. 2. How […]