“Your Cre8tivity” Blog: Jamie Lissow

When Rob Schneider’s Real Rob debuted back in December on Netflix, I had not heard of JAMIE LISSOW. After seeing the show, seeing his standup at Wiseguys and after having a conversation with him, he seemed like an incredible choice to interview for Your Cre8tivity! Hope you enjoy! Enjoy the interview! LENNONDESIGN.COM

“Your Cre8tivity” Blog: Steve Soelberg

A few years ago, I saw Steve Soelberg opening for someone at the West Valley Wiseguys. His charismatic delivery and every man observations are spot-on. I have really enjoyed getting to know Steve. Please enjoy the interview below, you may learn a few things. I did! 1. Describe What You Do? Well, the stand-up comedy part […]