PODCAST 027: “Matt Mattson”

MATT MATTSON is a writer, musician, artist and improv comedian. This LA-Based creative grew up in Utah where he developed all these incredible skills and now is having an incredible time doing it! During this Google Hangout interview with Your Cre8tivity‘s Dylan, he discusses the incredible people he has worked with (Miranda Sings, Jon Cena, Etc.). […]

PODCAST 026: “An October Evening”

Every October at Salt Lake’s Masonic Temple, event organizers Stephen King Simmons and Andrea Hansen put together an incredible event featuring film, fashion, music and more called AN OCTOBER EVENING! Once be we break down the details of the event, we start sharing ghost stories from Asylum 49, Hatch Family Chocolates and the infamous Charlie […]

Talks At Google: “Brian Reagan”

“How to Make People Laugh” In this candid interview during his first visit to Google, Brian shares with us how he got started in comedy and his techniques for writing, practicing and delivering original comedic material on-stage. Brian has starred in two one-hour specials on comedy central, recently recorded his first Netflix special, and has […]

Podcast 024: “Geekshow’s Kerry Jackson”

Intro… Describe What You Do? Average Day? BONUS QUESTION: Favorite Muppet? Why? Sam the Eagle Submitted Question Utah can be an extremely frustrating place at times. (liquor laws, political climate, prominent religion, etc). Has there ever been a time that Kerry came close to moving away from Utah? A related question, what is the one […]

Podcast 018: “Bespoke Custom Clothing”

We’re 18 and it’s time to grow up! In this new episode of Your Cre8tivity, we visit with Cameron Nance of Bespoke Custom Clothing in their new brick & mortar location in Salt Lake City! We discuss how he got into fashion, the process of getting fitted for a suit, how Bespoke started and the […]

Podcast 017: “Journalist Gavin Sheehan”

In this new episode of Your Cre8tivity, we interview journalist GAVIN SHEEHAN!  For nearly a decade Salt Lake City citizens read his articles in the City Weekly (Link). We had a great time talking with Sheehan about his new job and so much more. Find Gavin Sheehan at Bleeding Cool, where he covers video games! https://www.bleedingcool.com/author/gsheehan/ […]

Podcast 016: 3 Irons

Describe What You Do? How Did You Get To Where You Are Today? When Are You The Most Creative? Who Inspires You? Why? How Has 3 Irons Embraced By The Community Describe “The 50 Irons” Project Favorite Aspects Of The “50 Irons” Projects, So Far (9/50). B I O G R A P H Y […]

Talks at Google: “Aaron Draplin”

“Pretty Much Everything” Esquire. Ford Motors. Burton Snowboards. The Obama Administration. While all of these brands are vastly different, they share at least one thing in com­mon: a teeny, little bit of Aaron James Draplin. Draplin is one of the new school of influential graphic designers who combine the power of design, social media, entrepreneurship, […]

“Your Cre8tivity” Blog: Jenna Kim Jones

When I first started becoming familiar with the comedy scene in Utah, JENNA KIM JONES was the part of many conversations. At the time, she was working with The Daily Show with John Stewart in New York,  performing time to time at Wiseguys when returning to Utah, all while working clean and killing it. She […]

Podcast: “2017 Wizarding Dayz”

Welcome to our first episode of 2017 and on the new Utah Podcast Network! The Your Cre8tivity crew sits down at the amazing Watchtower Cafe with the co-founders of WIZARDING DAYZ, a literacy and fandom event happening later this month (February 2017) at the South Towne Expo Center. Take a listen as we chat with Carrie Rogers-Whitehead (Digital […]