“Your Cre8tivity” Blog: Jenna Kim Jones

When I first started becoming familiar with the comedy scene in Utah, JENNA KIM JONES was the part of many conversations. At the time, she was working with The Daily Show with John Stewart in New York,  performing time to time at Wiseguys when returning to Utah, all while working clean and killing it. She […]

“Your Cre8tivity” Podcast: Chris Blackburn

Hey everyone, Dylan here! I found out about Chris Blackburn through a mutual friend. When I heard that he was doing FREE paper negative portraits I thought I would be incredibly interesting to go get the pictures done and interview him about them! The episode is short and sweet! Check it out!. 1. Describe What […]

Podcast: “Photographer Cat Palmer”

After take October off (Dylan’s fault), we (Dylan, Andrea & Steve) launch November on the road at the home of photographer and activist CAT PALMER! We discuss how she got started in photography, some personal and public struggles that she experiences and her recent engagement (at which point, we are joined by her fiance Chris […]

Podcast: “Watchtower Cafe”

WATCHTOWER CAFE is a coffee shop! A super geeky coffee shop! The full Your Cre8tivity gang (Dylan, Andrea & Steve) interviews the owners, Mike & Cori! We discuss the genesis of Watchtower, the surprises and struggles, the incredible community support and even where the name came from. 1. Describe What You Do. 2. How Did You Get To Where […]

“Your Cre8tivity” Blog: Dallas Graham

The Your Cre8tivity blog returns! When I first became aware of DALLAS GRAHAM, it was during a Creative Mornings session at our local Salt Lake City chapter. Dallas was providing a talk on the topic of Collaboration. He shared his story about the Red Fred Project and I have felt connected to the cause ever since. […]

Podcast 007: “2016 Salt Lake Comic Con”

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 has come & gone …and I (Dylan) was able to catch up with previous guests and find out what is going on! Check it out and as always, thank you for joining us! #SLCC16 CHRIS BODILY is an incredible local artist, improv comedian and a great friend. I caught up with him after his […]

“Your Cre8tivity” Blog: Dan Farr

I had the opportunity of meeting DAN FARR just before the 1st Salt Lake Comic Comic Con back in 2013. He was a guest on a “movie show” that Tony Toscano was producing at BEAU (Broadview University) for CW30. When I first met Dan Farr, was a quiet and humble man, who probably had no idea […]

“Your Cre8tivity” Blog: Chris Bodily

CHRIS BODILY aka Hatrobot is an incredible artist and a great guy. I have meet him on a few occasions, including Salt Lake Comic Con where he has repeatedly got my money. His work is incredibly creative and I wanted to know more about what makes him tick, so have him to join us here. Enjoy […]

“Your Cre8tivity” Blog: Exclusive Update!

Before we start rolling with the interviews on Wednesdays in January 2016, We wanted to let everyone know the questioning format, our list upcoming guests and a way that you can be part of the process. So, here we go… The YOUR CRE8TIVITY interviews will consist of 8 interview questions. The first 4 of which […]