PODCAST 051: “LaVonne Wells Sandberg”

LAVONNE WELLS SANDBERG was introduced to Dylan through a mutual friend and it has been an amazing friendship since! LaVonne is an amazing woman who has had incredible struggles but has turned her skills into something that has helped so many people! She is known as The Spiritual Teacher and is available to help anyone with any type of loss (self, divorce or a loved one).

We get a little serious in this one but we still manage to have our usual fun! Enjoy!

Thanks as always for your support of Your Cre8tivity!
Once again recorded at the AC Hotel SLC media suites! (September 14, 2018)


Describe What You Do.

How Did You Get To Where You Are Today?

The Spiritual Teacher
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Monthly Events & Services



LaVonne Wells is a spiritual teacher, medium, intuitive and speaker. Her workshops include; Connections & Communications, From Sadness to Celebration TM aka “Life After Life”, and Connections & Insights. C & I is a monthly gathering for people to ask questions in order to gain a better understanding with regard to their personal life experiences.

As the Spiritual Teacher LaVonne has made it her life’s work in providing systems for men and women in creating JOY in this lifetime.

Another aspect of her incredible work is called “Connections and Communications” it emerged as a result of the despair experienced through the loss of her daughter. It inspired LaVonne to assist others in expressing sorrow through empowering instead of limiting ways, while allowing the action of healing to commence. As the ‘mindful medium’ she has the ability to connect to spirit while providing compassionate understanding and insightful shares during a time of need. LaVonne’s services a rare find. She helps individuals move forward in a positive way by allowing the process to simply unfold naturally, as it should.

LINK: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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