PODCAST 056: “Molly The Stripper”

In this episode, we speak with MOLLY MORMON aka Molly The Stripper, who was raised in a religious home, which is reflected in her stage name, worked on becoming a teacher but ultimately her life led her to be an exotic dancer! We go behind the scenes and find out how the industry is in Utah and the difference from other places and how it can be empowering and helpful to women’s issues.

We also hear about her film projects and appearing on Kevin Costner’s series Yellowstone!

Follow Molly on her Instagram: @mollythestripper

Describe What You Do.

How Did You Get To Where You Are Today?

Stage Moniker “Molly Mormon”


Actor, Director, Producer, Etc… (Yellowstone)

How To Book

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MOLLY MORMON is an exotic dancer in the Salt Lake City area. Acquiring her dancer name from her active membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Days Saints until her departure from the religion at the age of 29, then becoming a stripper and leaving her former career working as a tutor for a school district. Molly also has done over 30 film and TV projects including her most recent role in the TV series Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner. She also works on her own projects as a producer and director on independent films in the musical and comedy genres many of which will be used to promote charity contributions for non profits she wants to support. She also has a picture book aptly named Narcissism for Beginners a how to book, that donates half of it’s proceeds to the Rape Recovery Center of Utah. Molly resides in Salt Lake City with her boyfriend and 8 year old daughter.

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