PODCAST 078: “Storyteller Nicole Vowell”

Storyteller Nicole Vowell‘s career as a reporter took her from Tyler, Texas to Salt Lake City and our nation’s capital, Washington DC! Dylan Skype chats with Nicole to talk about her journey as a reporter, her love for Salt Lake (and her upcoming return), her upcoming campaign concerning reporters and mental health, as well as geeking out over AppleTV+’s The Morning Show and the newly launched Disney+ streaming service!

We also discuss an incredible museum due to close on December 31st in DC called Newseum, that promotes free expression and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, while tracing the evolution of communication!

We also find out about her new venture, ENVY Public Relationship helping businesses to share their stories and following!

Thank you as always for listening!

Describe What You Do.
How Did You Get To Where You Are Today?
Who Inspires You? Why?
What Type Of Situations Are Most Creative For You?

KSL TV Reporter / National Reporter

Newseum / Campaign

NEWSEUM (Closing December 31: Website | Facebook | Flickr | Instagram | Snapchat | Twitter | YouTube 

Mental Help For Media

THE MORNING SHOW on Apple TV+ (Link)

Public Relations Firm
ENVY PR: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

What Does Creativity Mean To You?
Who Is Your Favorite Muppet? Why? (Reporter Kermit)
In the Movie Of Your Life, Who Would Play You? (Sarah Paulson)

LINKS: Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn  | YouTube

Nicole Vowell is a former KSL 5 TV reporter & National TV reporter, she’s currently a #BossBabe for her own company eNVy Public Relations. Nicole is the ultimate creative, she’s a go-getter, a motivator, and she’s an award-winning storyteller with trophies to prove it—she has a creative marketing mind to build up brands, and communities. Not only is she passionate about helping people connect and succeed in business, but she’s also an advocate for mental health and is launching the #MentalHelpForMedia campaign to help people in the Media biz gain better access to mental health services. Did we mention she’s writing a book and has plans to write a screenplay, too? What doesn’t she do?

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