The New Utah Podcast: “Stephen Hatch”

Episode 054: “Chocolate Puddles”

The New Utah Podcast | JUNE 8, 2017


Once upon a time, there was a boy who picked up a lost tradition of hand-dipping chocolates from his hard-working grandmother…

Chocolate Puddles

Chocolate PuddlesWe were graced with the awesome presence of Hatch Family Chocolates owner, Stephen Hatch! A Utah food institution, and not located anywhere else in the valley but in the Avenues, they continue to offer some of the best and most original hand-dipped chocolates in Utah, even after 14 years of business! Hatch Family Chocolates goal of bringing a community together through memories and chocolate is a unique and special one and it is working! Hatch Family Chocolates will be starting up their annual outdoor movie series on June 16th. Check their Facebook and Instagram pages for up to date information and new treats! Especially their ice cream bars!  **They DO NOT ship in the summer**

Stephen is a co-host on the Your Cre8tivity podcast with Dylan bringing tons of the creative Utah community together to show they each have a story and a place in Utah. Oh, and Stephen is also looking for a date. So if you want to read his list of 40, we can connect you!

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