PODCAST 068: “Comedian Taylor Tomlinson”

TAYLOR TOMLINSON is one of the youngest nationally touring comedians (including with Conan O’Brien last fall), co-host of the Self-Helpless podcast and is the co-host of the new FOX series What Just Happened with Fred Savage! We brief chat with Taylor while she is on the road, chat about the struggles of being out on […]

PODCAST 055: “Delanie Fischer, Dicks By Delanie”

In a Skype interview, Dylan chats with artist and podcaster DELANIE FISCHER! We chat about her new company Dicks By Delanie, bring part of the trio from the Self-Helpless podcast and her time as a comedian (which she retired from earlier this year)! Listen To The Episode Here: UTAH PODCAST NETWORK | YOUTUBE Describe What You Do. How Did You Get […]

PODCAST 054: “Greg Kyte, Comedy Church”

In this week’s episode we talk to accountant and comedian GREG KYTE and his comedy showcase, COMEDY CHURCH! The Your Cre8tivity boys go behind the scenes of the show, his comedy, morals, family and more. Aside from Comedy Church, you can catch him often at Open Mic at Wiseguys! As always, thanks for listening Listen To The Episode Here: UTAH PODCAST […]

PODCAST 035: “Comedy Writer Dave Vance”

Text. Dave Vance: Website | Facebook | IMDb | Instagram | Twitter Harmon Brothers: Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube Catch His NEW! Political Series SPELLCHEk on Facebook Watch! HERE Pooping Unicorns and the Power of Comedy Squatty Potty: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube VidAngel ad featuring Joy Haynes from 3 Irons […]