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Last year we saw some podcasts come and go from the local scene, and while it was sad to see some with great potential shut down, it was nice to hear some fresh shows take hold of the mic. One of those shows is Your Cre8tivity, whose trio of hosts from very different backgrounds converge into the studio and interview people who are trying to shake things up in the SLC area. Today we chat with Steve, Andrea and Dylan about coming together to form the show and where they intend to take things now that they’ve celebrated their one-year anniversary.

Gavin: Hey everyone, first off, tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Dylan: Born and raised in Salt Lake City with the exception of most of the ’80s in Vernal, after which I spent a lot of time in art classes during junior and high school. After a practice marriage and 15 years later, I returned to school to become a graphic and web designer, which I have been doing as a freelancer for the past nine years.

Andrea: I am a bit of a free-spirit. Well, most would actually disagree with that and say I am more than a bit of a free-spirit. I am the definition of free-spirit. I have a wanderlust for travel, for living, for exploring, for adventure, for jobs—for basically anything in life. I’d say I’m curious for life and curious for people. I’ve lived all over: Texas, Boston, NY, Miami and now SLC. And I’ve traveled for fun across the states, Canada, Europe, Mexico and South America. And my jobs have ranged from publishing to journalism, videographer, film, writing, acting and now multi-media work for different clients and organizations.

Steve: I grew up in Utah and have done some pretty amazing things. My biggest accomplishment was assisting in opening Hatch Family Chocolates in the Avenues in April 2003. We helped create a fun environment to showcase some amazing confections and desserts. Hatch Family Chocolates is my life, I love it. I love seeing customers come into our shop maybe a little worn down or stressed. Chocolate and sweets have this wonderful potion to just help people forget their worries. I love seeing everyone just smiling and laughing while enjoying our confections. Running a small business has had many ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change my life for anything. I love what I’m doing, which is mainly eating chocolates and treats all day long.

How is everything going with your current jobs and projects?

Dylan: Things are going incredibly well. Much of my focus lately has been working with Wiseguys (posters, email blasts, etc.) promoting ongoing bookings and assisting in preparation for the upcoming Golden Spike Comedy & Podcast Festival. Additionally, I am working on numerous other projects for clients involving print, social media and website design.

Andrea: Things are going really well. Currently, I am working as a Digital Media Manager at Salt Lake Magazine, freelancing still as a videographer/editor and acting on-the-side for both stage and film. I just finished producing/writing/acting in season one of You Again, a locally produced web series. I also just finished performing in SLAC’s production of Winter back in the fall. And will be starting up with Utah Rep’s upcoming production of The Other Place. I joke I have the adult version of A.D.D.

Steve: I have one of the greatest jobs in the world. I get to eat chocolate all day long and make people happy as they come to visit our shop. Hatch Family Chocolates is definitely not just your average chocolate shop. We hope that we are assisting in making our customers live a happy life. Hatch Family Chocolates is always hosting various activities from Magic Monday every Monday night. We host Goran Strbac and his amazing band playing the finest jazz music in the state. Finally, each summer we host the Avenues Block Parties where we hold a literal block party on our street before we screen outdoor movies. Many people come play with the wonderful creatures from Creatures Encounters before each movie begins, where we pass out free popcorn to all that come to enjoy the festivities. All of these events are just compliments to some of the best house-made ice cream and hand-dipped chocolates in the state. Honestly, Utah has some of the coolest chocolate shops in the world, and we are so fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful group of chocolatiers.


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