PODCAST 010: “Photographer Cat Palmer”

After taking October off (Dylan’s fault: Disneyland), We launch November on the road at the home of photographer and activist CAT PALMER! We discuss how she got started in photography, some personal and public struggles that she experiences. We would like to thank Cat for welcoming us into her home, head, and heart! Great guest! Great team! Enjoy!

1. Describe What You Do.


2. How Did You Get To Where You Are Today? 


3. What Type Of Conditions Are You The Most Creative For You?


4. Who Has Inspired You Most? Why?


5.  Gas Masks & Photography.

6. Vaginas & Activism.

7. Last Supper

Cat Palmer


Born and raised in orange county, california, CAT PALMER developed her insatiable romance with photography at 15 years old, against the backdrop of los angeles… a place teeming with racial divides, cultural diversity, and economic inequality. Her world view further evolved as she immersed herself in the streets of mexico, developing a new obsession that would plague her art, forever… human empowerment.

From 1995-1999, Cat made an academic go of her art and then, traversing the unexpected technological revolution, joined professional digital in 2005. (She has never forgotten where her heart lies, and fully intends to replace the “dark side” with the “dark room,” one day.) Regardless of the medium, she has exhibited all over the salt lake valley and has won many awards.

Cat has devoted her craft to the expression of meaning through images, and has found a powerful voice in women’s empowerment. this focus stems from her deep-seeded belief that femininity and beauty are not physical attributes, but rather attributes of the heart. Her images of confident and hopeful women, surrounded in words of encouragement, begin to reveal the true beauty of a powerful woman.

Her empowerment themes have been: self-esteem, peace, self-reliance, i am human, there’s no place like home, peace to the middle east, age of aesthetics in defying societies definition of beauty, super hero women, ‘i have a secret’, and keep the politicians out of our VAGINA.

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