PODCAST 035: “Comedy Writer Dave Vance”

DAVE VANCE is a comedy writer that is fearful that the ads for Squatty Potty he helped develop may be his legacy. Dave is so much more than a “corny” ad campaign. He is also a writer for BYUtv’s “Studio C” and works as the Lead Writer for Harmons Brothers, who develops campaigns for ChatbooksPurpleVidAngel, and others, in addition to the previously mentioned Squatty Potty.

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Dave Vance: Website | Facebook | IMDb | Instagram | Twitter
Harmon Brothers: Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Catch His NEW! Political Series SPELLCHEk on Facebook Watch! HERE

Pooping Unicorns and the Power of Comedy

Squatty Potty: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

VidAngel ad featuring Joy Haynes from 3 Irons (from Episode 016)

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