PODCAST 041: “Park City TV’s Terry Burden”

Have his own daily television show was never on TERRY BURDEN‘s radar growing up! But here he is, killing it as the host of Park City Television‘s Mountain Views! We chat with him about growing up in Iowa, being influenced by Johnny Carson and some of the interviews that have stood out to him on the show since he started back in 2011! Additionally, he says some very kind word about what we are doing with the Your Cre8tivity podcast and gives our producer Sascha Blume a shout out! Thanks as always for listening!

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Describe What You Do?

How Did You Get To Where You Are Today?

Who Inspires You?

What Situations Are Most Creative For You?

Intellectual Properties



Park City Community

Favorite Muppet? Why?

Who Would Play You In The Movie Of Your Life?


I never dreamed that my Perfect Job would be hosting a television program. But it is. Oh manny, it is. I have been incredibly fortunate to host over nine hundred episodes of the Mountain Views program on Park City Television. During that time, I have interviewed Sundance Documentarians, It-Actors, community and government leaders, musicians and tiny kids who ski like you never even imagined. You’ll be seeing them on Olympic podiums… I like to say that I am a born fan. Which is the perfect personality trait to get people to speak comfortably and reveal themselves in that most artificial of environments: under the bright lights on a television set. No matter. My goal never changes…you’ll leave the studio amazed that “that wasn’t so bad”. I love to laugh. But only when the situation truly merits it. We also need authentic compassion in front of the camera. Teleprompters are for other performers. Turn on the camera. Let me know it’s live. Watch me go.

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