PODCAST 048: “Chris Provost, FanX MC”

CHRIS PROVOST has been a big part of FanX Salt Lake (formerly  Salt Lake Comic Con) since the beginning, where he is best known for (MC’ing and) telling Dad Jokes in front of thousands of people while they patiently await the best-named guests in the Ballroom panels (ie Stan Lee, William Shatner, etc).
He is also a YouTuber with a growing channel called Provost Park Pass, with his wife Amanda, where they gives a weekly look at Disneyland and all it’s trivia and secret! This episode is a can’t miss with FanX just around the corner!


Special thanks to BriAnn Rachele (EIXO) and AC Hotel for the use of their Media Room at their Downtown SLC location.

Describe What You Do.

How Did You Get To Where You Are Today?

Who Inspires You? Why?

Most Creative Situation.

FanX Salt Lake Comic Con MC

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Provost Park Pass (Disneyland…)

Acting (Film, Commercials & Beyond)

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Comedy – Dad Jokes

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There is a man, they say, a mighty man born and raised in the heart of a dying star. A man who has never know fear nor tasted defeat. His veins pulse with the blood of a Viking god and his shampoo is made from the tears of a thousand fallen super-villains. Legend has it he once defeated the League of Assassins with nothing more than knock-knock jokes. Stories of his heroism are often whispered far and wide yet his feats of strength are so profound there is no known language that can properly describe them.

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