PODCAST 064: “2019 Fan X Salt Lake”

The 2019 FAN X SALT LAKE was another one for the books with many incredible celebrity guests (like John Cleese, Warwick Davis, Alice Cooper & Zackary Levi)! We had an opportunity to interview a few incredible people to share with you!

Actor Garrett Wang who you may remember as Ensign Harry Kim, from Star Trek: Voyager!
We chat about his experiences, current Star Trek, The Orville & more!

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STAR TREK: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

As well as the creators of BYUtv’s new adventures series Dwight In Shining Armor, Brian & Leeanne Adams! We learn about where the idea for the show, the process for it getting onto BYUtv and, of course, the rise of the KOI ARMY!

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BRIAN J. ADAMS: Facebook | IMDb | Instagram

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