PODCAST 066: “Designer & Illustrator Tad Carpenter”

TAD CARPENTER grew up in the halls of Hallmark Cards and was always surrounded by someone creative, so it was no surprise to anyone that he grew up to become a multifaceted creative powerhouse!

The Kansas City-based Tad Carpenter is a designer, illustrator, author, teacher, and speaker.  After years of Facebook friendship, Dylan met him last year when Tad came to Salt Lake for a speaking engagement, During the conversation, Tad spoke about his father has always inspired him, working side-by-side with his wife every day, creating brands experiences and the importance of community!

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Describe What You Do.

How Did You Get To Where You Are Today?

Who Inspires You? Why?

Carpenter Collective

Carpenter Collective is led by partners, Jessica and Tad Carpenter. The pair have been collaborating together since the day they met in design school over a dozen years ago. Since then, they’ve earned a national reputation for creating powerful brand experiences and unique visual storytelling with a whimsical wink.

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Made In The Middle

Made in the Middle is a place that is built by artists, designers, makers and doers in Kansas City. We feature creatives who are taking risks and making what they love to make. We hope to educate, inspire and bring awareness to the creative talents in our home, Kansas City.

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Sunday Suns
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Community & Kansas City


  • What Does Creativity Mean To You?
  • Who Is your Favorite Muppet? Why?
  • In The Film Of Your Life, Who Would Play You?


Tad Carpenter is a designer, illustrator, author and teacher based in Kansas City, Missouri. Tad grew up the son of two artists smack dab in the Midwest. His father was an illustrator and a creative director for Hallmark Cards for over 40 years and his mother is a talented fiber artist. Tad has illustrated over twenty children’s books on the market today as well as designing over 200 gig posters for musicians, bands and tours.

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