PODCAST 073: “Artist Erik Jensen”

Artist ERIK JENSEN reuses old computer keys (that can’t be recycled) to create incredible large scale art pieces! The Your Cre8tivity boys join Erik in his West Valley home studio where all the magic happens and find out how it all started, figuring out the process, his dyeing techniques and the power of viral media!

Once again, we want to welcome Terry Burden on as a new co-host bringing his incredible interview skills!

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Describe What You Do.

How Did You Get To Where You Are Today?

What Situations Are Most Creative For You?

Who Inspires You? Why?

Utah Arts Festival… First Year? Since When?

Why Keyboard Keys? Environmental Impact?

Tell Us About The Dye Process.

What Are Some Of Your Most Abstract Commissions?


  • What Does Creativity Mean To You? IGTV
  • Who Is Your Favorite Muppet? Why? BIG BIRD
  • In The Movie Of Your Life, Who Would Play You? ADAM SANDBERG


Erik Jensen is a born artist. Deaf too! He graduated from Utah Valley University with a BS in Art Education in 2017. He started doing art with computer keyboard keys in 2013, started doing it as a business in 2017 and and went to being a full-time artist in 2018. He loves spending time with his family and when he finds the time, he even gets on his 36-inch unicycle for exercise! #deafunicyclist #onewheelman

Erik started doing art when he was first able to pick up things. His mother was (and still is!) awesome and allowed him to be free in his creativity, even it if meant big messes. This played a big part in Erik’s success throughout his life. In high school, his ceramics teacher supported him through every assignment and more. She even put in her own money so Erik could continue to develop his incredible art skills. Erik’s art has won several awards throughout his art career, in high school, college and art shows and festivals. In college, he had a couple pieces in the annual student art show. Both are what started his designs for what he has begun this art business with–computer key art.

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