PODCAST 080: “Comedian Wes Austin”

In this new episode of Your Cre8tivity, we sit down with lawyer and comedian WES AUSTIN! We go behind the scenes of seasons 1 & 2 of his web series THE IP SECTION! Find out the stories that really happened (Eyebrows!) and ones they created for the show (Grass-Fed Chickens?!)! We talk comedy and how he started, comedians who inspire him including Judd Apatow, which prompts Terry to share a story about the time he went cycling with him! Stick around til the end for our usual bonus question antics! Thanks for listening!

What Is The IP Section?
THE IP SECTION: Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube

What Does Cre8tivity Mean To You?
Who Is Your Favorite Muppet? Why?
In The Movie Of Your Life Who Would Play You?

LINKS: Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube

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