PODCAST 094: “Jeremy Miller – The Quarantine Bunch”

The Quarantine Bunch, Part 2

THE QUARANTINE BUNCH is an online web series that peeks in on a support group for former child stars from our favorite tv shows & films and how they are coping and not coping with the pandemic. In Part 2 of our interviews with the cast and creators, we visit with JEREMY MILLER, best know for his role as Ben Seaver on Growing Pains and PBS series Ghostwriter! We chat about his life on set, his relationship with Alan Thicke, and his adventures as a chef!

We are also joined by producer Jeff Macintyre and writer Ryan Paul James, the co-creators of the series!
We go behind the scenes with them about the development of the series, we also get a surprise visit from Melissa Disney in pure Debbie From Tarzana fashion!

Growing Pains (1985-1992) & Alan Thicke (1947-2016)
Growing Pains: IMDb | Wikipedia
Alan Thicke: IMDb | Wikipedia

Ghostwriter (1992)
Links: IMDb | Wikipedia

Jeremy Miller
Links: Website | IMDb |

The Quarantine Bunch
Links: Website | Facebook | IMDb | Instagram | YouTube

Jeff Macintyre – Co-Creator, Producer

Ryan Paul James – Co-Creator, Writer

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