PODCAST 104: “Duo Transcend”

During a warm Wednesday afternoon in the glow of the screen of a Zoom call, Dylan chatted with Tyce Neilsen & Mary Ellen Wolf aka Duo Transcend! You may have seen them on America’s Got Talent (2018) and AGT The Champions! They have also been seen around the world touring Cirque Du Soleil, Seaworld San Diego, and years ago at The Mayan (where they met) in Sandy, Utah.

Dylan dove deep into their AGT experience and how they had to push and reinvent themselves every step of the way. As well as the experiences they had with fellow contestants, hosts, judges and crew!

Thank you Tyce, Mary & Jaxx (their son) for your time!

America’s Got Talent

Cirque De Soleil


The Mayan Adventure Stunt Show

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