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Recently, I discovered Will Paterson, a graphic designer and letterer, who makes incredibly fun & quirky YouTube videos where he gives inspirational and educational messages and how they are part of his business. We are honored to have the opportunity to speak with him and are excited to share the conversation via video or audio at the bottom of the page.

1. Describe What You Do?
I’m a creative entrepreneur, I create online content and sell my hand lettered products and logo design branding services. I also make YouTube videos about design and encouraging thoughts I have.

2. How Did You Get Where You Are?
Hard Work, Obedience and some time. Lots of practice and grinding.

3. What Type Of Conditions Are You The Most Creative?
On an evening, or when I’m in a pressure-free environment.

4. Who Has Inspired You Most? Why?
There’s a bloke on instagram called Noel Shiveley (Instagram)- he’s an amazing hand lettering artist. He’s got such a level head.

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5. How Do You Deal/Adapt To Something That You Haven’t Done Before?
I just try my best… After giving it a quick Google Search.

6. What Led You To Develop YouTube Videos?
I was searching for ways to perform certain tasks within Illustrator to compare my methods with others – and found no videos on some of the things I was searching for. So I decided I would teach what I knew. From there, I became more of a personality.

7. What Is You Favorite Part Of The Design Process?
The drawing part! I love the part when I’ve finished my concept in my large Moleskine, then start drawing the final version. It’s my favourite part of any process.

8. What Is Your Favorite Beverage? Why?
Beer. Specifically Guinness – I love dark Ales because they’re a proper relaxing drink.

Additional Comments:
I’ve got a new Hand Lettering course coming out in April this year! 🙂

B I O G R A P H Y 

I love Jesus, I’m a Hand Letterer, Designer and YouTuber. I love my wife – she’s hot. I like making things look nice. A nobody telling the world of somebody.

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